Queen's Spread Love On The Streets

Serving our homeless and transient community who are surviving without housing. Queen's Spread Love On The Streets is a grassroots community service outreach initiative. In addition to praying on the streets with community members & volunteers; we supply young women and girls living on the streets with a free snack pack + feminine hygiene pack.


Vanity Bags for Girls & Young Women

This service provides #UnderHer Vanity Bags which consist of basic feminine hygiene care, an official #UnderHer pocket calendar to track menstrual cycles and one $25 gift card to purchase a brand-new bra.


Queen’s Village

Our mentoring and youth leadership development program created for students in schools that have special needs. We provide mentors, enrichment, encouragement and “Big Sister” support. 


Queen’s Care

Once a month Under Her’s Volunteers and Supporters come together to donate vanity bags. This allows Under Her to connect one on one with the residents while encouraging them and providing them with resources.